New Project - codename 'FSM'

New Project – codename ‘FSM’

I have recently been invited to submit a piece of work for an alumni show at my old undregrad Art College (now University of Cumbria).  The old fine art annexe is being replace and a show of former students is being put together as a kind of send off to the old place.

Hearing that this building was being replaced prompted a period of reflection on my time there, the type of work I was making and the huge amount of art and objects that would have been made over the course of the last twenty (and more) years.

I’m making a new piece of work that revisits my very early practice whilst reflecting upon the impermanence of the building and the work that was made in it via a moving image installation that looks at notions of the uniqueness and permanence.

Before I can begin to construct this work (FSM) I need to gather footage of the building using a small remote control flying Drone in order to capture many parts of the building from a unique perspective.  I’ll share more as the work progresses, but for now here is a quick test flight..