Lighthouse talk Dominic

Selected recent talks

Flip-Flopping, Or how to cope with a future filled with crapjects.  Mar 2013

At: Bits 2 Blogs, the annual event for anyone working in the North East cultural heritage sector who is passionate about using new ideas and new technologies to engage new audiences.
Speaking about: The increasingly transient state of media from physical to digital and back again.


Streaming for the cultural sector– cinematic ventures Nov 2012

At: Streaming out for digital audiences
Speaking about: The Pixel Palace digital arts and new media programme. Placing particular focus upon building new digital streaming platforms via

Open source, art and wizardlyness Feb 2012

At: TEDx Bradford
Speaking about: Artists and hackers methods of collaboration and the desire to eliminate obstacles and achieve a zen like work flow.

Culture Code Encounter Feb 2012

Culture Code :: Encounter :: Dominic Smith from Thinking Digital Conference on Vimeo.

At: Culture Code Encounter – Newcastle

Speaking about: Art, workflow, change

Building digital capacity seminar 2: Producing and commissioning audio visual content Jul 2011

At: Tyneside Cinema – Newcastle

Open Bliss Aug 2009

At: ISEA Belfast
Hosted by Beryl Graham and Dominic Smith. Invited guests: James Coupe (artist), Kerstin Mey (University of Ulster)

Eyebeam Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass Day 1
At: Eyebeam NYC – (Skype) Jul 2009

SCANZ Symposium Feb 2009

At: Govett Brewster Gallery – New Plymouth, New Zealand.

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