PB-1 Remote Spatial Tracking Experiment

PB-1 Remote Spatial Tracking Experiment

Shown in: 3D Glitch

Priestman Gallery – Sunderland – OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 20 – 2015
Washington Arts Centre – September 17 – 12 November – 2016
Drugo More – Rijeka, Croatia – January 19 – February 10 – 2017


PB-1 is a meditation on spatial representation via computer vision. It makes use of a remote camera drone flying through the gallery space, tracking and establishing a sense of three-dimensional space via object tracking algorithms and automated software aesthetics. It is an exaggerated display of space as it is interpreted by consumer grade software. PB-1 belongs to a larger body of work in development by the S.A.L.* (Synthetic Aura Lab).


*S.A.L. is a body of creative visual and performative artwork that engages with new technologies to investigate and recreate what can be termed ‘object aura’ i.e. the value and meaning an object imparts upon the viewer. SAL is a series of speculative and performance based experiments that aim to recreate object aura by synthetic means.