ISEA 2013 – 10 June

ISEA 2013 – 10 June

Yesterday I caught lectures at the Museum of Modern Art, caught the Jess Wall show and then took in the Rocks Pop-Up exhibitions

Nostalgia of the new

Kate Richards and Ross Gibson spoke about a project Unhomely and  Life after wartime . I caught Unhomely later on that night as part of the pop up shows.

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Unhomely – ISEA 2013

Key words and phrases: Personal Aesthetic, Poetic gaps in knowledge, Location lends traction, Fuzzy logic.

Tom Ellard took an ‘engaging rant’ strategy to say he did not understand at which point things are classed as old.

Key words and phrases: Media Ghosts, Veneration through media containers, Skeuomorphic interfaces.

Lucas Abela titled his talk “Back to the arcade”. He spoke about his projects which looked like crazy amounts of fun to engage with. Vinyl rally in particular. I wold love to bring this work to the Northeast (UK).

Key words and phrases: Aesthetic of play

Vinyl Rally @ Supersonic 2012 – build + noise! from Tinnitus Jukebox on Vimeo.

Distributed Enablers of the new grid

Andrew Burrell Said he was on a ‘Subjective Trajectory’ and he was.

Thea Baumann This had to be the best presentation so far. I need to follow this up with more text than I have time for at present. But go to her site and read up on Metaverse Makeovers. Very impressed.

Keith Armstrong Long time no see 

Key words and phrases: Fast Networks, NBN, Walkshop, Fieldbook

Space and Architecture

Lots to add on this one, but it is probably best to leave a trail of links to the various projects that were discussed:

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Favourite word of the day: Uglify